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Cloud security is dependent on the law

While many are proclaiming the victory of public cloud security over that of enterprise data centers, their evaluations often miss the elephant in the room: cloud and the law.

Microsoft job posting points to Silverlight on Xbox

New job postings that have since been given a good old fashioned edit pointed to Microsoft hiring engineers to build Silverlight into its Xbox game console.

Bargain-hunt with Window Shopper browser add-on

This Firefox and IE add-on from Superfish lets users visually compare similar products while shopping for the best deal. It works better on some sites than others.

Bose AE2 headphones: A good NC alternative

If you can’t afford Bose’s noise-canceling models, the Bose AE2s–and their improved design and sound quality–make for a good alternative at half the price.

Kindle games start to proliferate

The number of games in the Kindle Store is growing, with eight titles now available–and all of them a pretty popular.

Hands on with the OnLive MicroConsole

OnLive’s MicroConsole is here, bringing the cloud-based game service to TVs in a simple $99 box, making it an intriguing low-cost alternative to traditional living room game consoles.

Verizon intros 150Mbps broadband on Fios

Verizon Communications is now offering 150Mbps download speeds on its Fios broadband service for $195 a month.

Speed up Firefox 4 with a BarTab tweak

The latest Firefox 4 beta comes with an easy hack to help tab addicts cover the high cost of memory-devouring tabs. Watch how to enable it in this video.

TSA-blocking briefs keep your privates private

Men and women can both wear these undies with crotch-positioned shields that supposedly protect their special parts from the TSA’s eyes–and radiation.

WikiLeaks promising even bigger leak of secret files

An upcoming new WikiLeaks release could reach 2.8 million classified documents, the organization says.

Study: Fifth of Facebook users exposed to malware

The social network has been a target of viruses for years now, and one security software company has found that a fifth of Facebook members’ news feeds contain malware.

Hands-on with AirPlay and Apple TV

CNET takes a hands-on look at the new AirPlay functionality available with Apple TV and iOS 4.2 devices.

B&N rolls out 1.5 firmware update for e-ink Nooks

Barnes & Noble is now offering a major firmware update–version 1.5–for its Nook e-reader that offers feature and performance enhancements.

Radiation-shielding garb now includes Belly Band

Belly Armor launches the latest product in its RadiaShield maternity clothing line: the Belly Band, which uses a silver fiber to help shield cell phone radiation.

Tripping tackles travel safety with video interviews

New site helps you welcome world travelers into your home–but only after they pass a video check-in.

Amazon lets you give the gift of MP3

Last week, Amazon announced that it will now let customers purchase digital downloads and gift them to others via e-mail.

HP revenue up 8 percent at $33 billion

Leo Apotheker’s first full quarter as CEO sees modest gains for the world’s largest technology company by volume, slightly beating expectations.

Amazingly, the Xbox 360 is 5 years old

It was November 21, 2005, when Microsoft officially put its next-generation video game console on sale at a huge Southern California desert event. The rest is history.

Cost of suing file sharers could skyrocket soon

Indie filmmakers suing accused film pirates had tried to pursue the cases in Washington, D.C. Court setback appears to have prompted them to pursue defendants in courts elsewhere.

State regulators approve Cape Wind power contract

Utility commission says Cape Wind is in public interest despite higher electricity cost, a decision that clears one of the last hurdles for controversial offshore wind project.

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