New Hire Onboarding– W2 Employees


Congratulations on your new offer! Below please find the items we need for your employment. Each link is a document in MS Office 2003 (.doc or .xls) or Adobe (pdf) format. To help you (and us) organize this information, please download the checklist below.  Once you have completed all items, please fill this out and submit with all other paperwork.   

Onboarding Check List
Please return each of these items to your recruiter. Welcome aboard!

1. Employment Application (please fill out completely as we can not accept “see resume”)

2. W4

3. I9 form+ choose one of the following bullets below

~ Send a copy of a photo ID (e.g., driver’s license) and an additional form of ID, (e.g., social security card or government issued birth certificate) OR

~ In lieu of the above, you may send a copy of your Passport (with picture and identifying information showing)

4. Direct Deposit Form

~ On the direct deposit form, include a voided check or bank letter

5. Employee Handbook Acknowledgement Form (the employee handbook may be downloaded at the bottom of this page)

6. EEO Form (optional)

7. Indiana state W4 (use this only if you reside in IN) OR Kentucky state W4 (use this only if you reside in KY)

~ If you reside in a state other than IN or KY, please search the internet for your state’s W4 or ask your recruiter for assistance

8. Electronic background consent form will be emailed to you (if required)

9. Employment Agreement (you will get this from your recruiter)

For Kindred Healthcare employees only

NOTE:  For Kindred, a background check and drug screen are required.  Send the background check form (#8 above), along with the Kindred Travel Profile (#11) and Sensitive Duties Acknowledgement form (#12) to your Recruiter within 24 hours of receiving the offer email.

     10. Sensitive Duties Acknowledgement Form 

     11. Kindred Travel Profile    


     13. Travel Policy (if applicable)

For your use:


Timesheet Submission Memo

Benefits Summary

Employee Handbook (Updated 1/1/17)


Note: a drug screen may be required.  If so, the Chain of Custody form and facility location will be sent in an email.

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