IT Staffing Solutions

Ninety percent of companies in North America utilize staffing companies to either hire temporary/contract workers or full time employees. While the concept of hiring outside employees for a specific assignment has been around for years, there are many new reasons to contract with professional staffing services. If you are looking to improve operating margins in your business, looking at your staffing approach is one way of improving your bottom line. Effective staffing is crucial to maximizing profitability in today’s economy.

In most companies labor is the largest cost on your P&L statement. By utilizing Ebit Information Systems, you can reduce the number of permanent employees and supplement your staff with experienced contract consultants to meet peak production or one time project demands.

When you use Ebit Information Systems for contract consultants, all costs associated with processing and administering payroll and benefits are transferred from your company to us. This strategy can help you to control costs, improve production, and manage risk. Unlike employees you hire yourself for short term projects, we handle the hiring and employment relationship so you don’t have to. Consequently, any unemployment claims once their project is done won’t affect your rating or your bottom line.

All successful companies are aware that hiring the wrong person is a tremendously expensive and can thow a wet blanket on moral and drag down production. We follows rigorous screening procedures for both contract employees and direct hires. This increases your chances of getting the right candidate the first time. Ebit will provide candidates who not only possesses the skills and experience you require, but who also have the personality traits needed to flourish in your work setting.

Employee benefits are costs that can be eliminated by using Ebit Information Systems. On average, employee benefits cost 25 – 30 percent in excess of payroll expenses. Using Ebit’s contract employees in place of independent contractors will also reduce your employment risks.

Many companies drive their internal staff to produce more with fewer resources and as the stress increases, so do problems with quality, output, absenteeism, and ultimately, turnover. You can relieve this pressure by using one of the Ebit staffing solutions. The additional personnel will help your staff avoid burnout, reduce the costs of defects, avoid productivity losses, and limit turnover expenses.

Ebit Information Services Staffing Solutions

We provide staffing services in three areas: contract, contract to hire, and direct hire placements. We specialize in the Information Technology area and can provide you with most any type technical resource that fits your current needs.

Contract Staffing: When you have a project or a spike in resource needs for an estimated period of time, we can provide you with an experienced resource that will allow you to complete your project on time and under budget.

Contract to Hire: When you have an open position that you intend to fill with a permanent employee but want to make sure the candidate is a good fit in your long term plans, then this option is a great one. Contract to hire allows you to have the resource work a probationary contract period. If the candidate proves their worth after a 6 month contract period, you can convert them over to your permanent staff at no charge. This option allows you to “try before you buy”, and enables you ample time to evaluate the candidate’s work.

Direct Hire: When you have a position that you want to fill with a full time employee but don’t have the time required, IT Recruiting expertise, or network of qualified resources, Ebit can help you. We have a thorough screening process which is conducted by seasoned IT recruiters who will identify candidates that match both the technical requirements as well as the personal requirements for your position.  Additionally, Ebit offers every client a 90 day replacement guarantee on all direct hire candidates, which means you can hire with confidence and peace of mind.

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