Core Values

July 5th, 2011 by Stacy

We always speak the truth. Our actions and decisions match our core values, always, even if those actions and decisions are painful for us at the time. We only make commitments with ourselves and others that we intend to keep, and we communicate potential broken commitments at the first opportunity, and then clear them up immediately.

Because mediocrity is unacceptable, we deliver services of exceptional quality to our clients and candidates and add long-term value to our relationship with them. Our goal is to be their trusted advisor. To do this, we live our values. We look for ways to do more with less. We constantly improve by eagerly learning, innovating, testing and implementing new ideas.

We are a championship team, not just a team of champions. We communicate openly and respect different opinions and beliefs. Discussion and debate are always safe, but underperformance is not. We trust positive intentions and give our teammates the benefit of the doubt. If we’ve been offended, we approach and discuss it with the offender directly and in a professional way to resolve the matter. We encourage, edify and help one another reach our team and individual goals. We put the team’s best interest ahead of our own.

We are responsible and accountable for our decisions, actions and outcomes in our life and work. We are not victims. We are accountable for producing the results we’ve committed to. We understand and accept the positive consequences of achieving them and negative consequences of falling short.

We view our lives and our work as a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated. We create a contagious atmosphere of fun, friendliness and gratitude, which attracts quality people into our lives. We work hard and celebrate our successes.

We have a balanced approach to life; understanding that we often have to stretch beyond our comfort zones, while not forgetting that our spiritual, social, physical and family needs are just as important as the financial and intellectual. We are productive with our time, using the Pareto Principle to prioritize and execute tasks, so we have quality time left for ourselves, for family and to renew.

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